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The faculty at the Academy of Design includes professional advertising creatives and copywriters, fashion designers, graphic designers, photographers, multimedia designers and visual artists who are also committed and highly successful educators.

The teaching staff at the Academy are qualified trainers who are also highly respected and reputable artists or designers. Many also teach in universities and several have international teaching experience. Visiting artists and designers supplement the teaching programs as guest lecturers. Their professional skills and experience are important factors in the high quality of work being produced by students at the Academy of Design.

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Program Coordinators

Advertising: Ms Donna Kirkwood
Fashion Design: Ms Samita Bhattacharjee
Graphic Design: Mr Carlo Pagoda
Photo Media: Ms Lydia Hohl
Visual Arts: Ms Michelle Mantsio

Program Leaders

Advertising: Mr Max Amner
Fashion Design: Mr Mark Reid
Graphic Design: Mr Gerard Brennan
Photo Media: Mr Andrew McKenzie
Visual Arts: Mr Michael Peck

Other Study Coordinators

Contextual Studies: Dr Graham Storey
Core and Professional Studies: Mr Cameron Jenyns
International Students: Mr Neil Chenery


Max Amner
Samita Bhattacharjee
Gerard Brennan
Tim Burnett
Neil Chenery
David Gill
Werner Hammerstingl
Dr Deane Hardwick
Brigit Heller

Lydia Hohl
Cameron Jenyns
Katrina Jojkity
Donna Kirkwood
Andrew McKenzie
Michelle Mantsio

Stephanie Maynard
Carlo Pagoda
Michael Peck

Dr Jillian Powell
Dr David Prescott-Steed
Mark Reid
Derrick Shaw
Michelle Soldatos
Dr Graham Storey
Mimm Trifilo

Julie Wajs
Dr Julian Warren

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